Fantastic Voyage Part 11: Therapy and Emotional Intelligence

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Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to the Fantastic Voyage segment! The Fantastic voyage series is designed for me to honor the fact that I have entered into another decade (December, 2022) and for me to take the opportunity to pass along some wisdom and lessons that may help you along your journey as well. Each release will have two concepts, ideas, and/or information to consider.

In honor of Mental Health awareness month, let’s discuss the importance of therapy. Therapy is good for you. Therapy does not diminish your strength or your faith. It takes a strong person to be able to admit that they need to obtain assistance. Going to therapy shows you want to be vulnerable and increase your health as well as awareness of self and others. Do not be fooled- there is no biblical principle or precedent that would prohibit you or discourage you from going to therapy. Therapy does not diminish your faith, therapy is okay- going to therapy does not change the way God sees you. Go forward with this understanding in mind. In fact, therapy is more than okay- access to therapy can be used in every facet of your life to gain the benefit of an outside perspective and receive access to resources that better your life.

The second discussion item is the need for emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is an important tool in your toolbox. As we move forward in our world and society, we will need emotional intelligence. 90% to 99% of things that seem to be directed towards us really have nothing to do with us. Emotional intelligence assists you with handling those situations with maturity and grace. Therapy can assist you in understanding your triggers and how to navigate your triggers. Understanding and properly navigating your triggers assists you in responding and not reacting in situations in order to maintain your peace.

Thank you again for joining me on my fantastic voyage as I revisit the wisdom of times past and discuss my life lessons. May the series be a blessing and cheat code in life for you in your journey. ❤

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