Declarations for June 2023

Pensacola Beach Sunrise photo by LaQuetta Holyfield Glaze

Declarations for June 2023:

May your journey include softness as the source of your strength.

May you harness the strength and determination to live for today, learn from yesterday, and to be relentless in taking the steps towards a better world for the future.

May you speak jubilantly over every aspect of your life with the reminder that words shape our world and have tremendous power over what comes to pass in life.

May this month bring goodness, discipline, consistency, and increase.

May we all seek justice, know justice, and be justice in the world. May the pursuit of justice prompts us to prioritize love for all- and that includes ourselves.

Be hydrated, Be at Peace, Be Rested, and Be blessed this month! 💙🫶🏾

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LaQuetta Holyfield Glaze