Book Reviews: January-March 2023

LaQuetta Holyfield Glaze
6 min readMar 31

The past three months have flown by! Although I have been reading consistently, my book reviews fell by the wayside. Enjoy the reviews for the January through March, listed in order of my completion. If you hover over the word “Book” and the number, there is a direct link to the book page for purchase.

Book Cover for Black Women Will Save the World: The Anthem by April Ryan

Book 1. Black Women Will Save The World: An Anthem by April Ryan. The book discusses the unheralded efforts of black women. A pertinent quote from April Ryan: “Also, I have always marveled at Black women and how we work to move mountains and are never really thanked or recognized.” This quote includes her. She is a revered forerunner in journalism. She speaks and we listen. Her book discusses many of the black women who have lent the their strength, tenacity, and creativity to make the world a better place even if that means “stepping out of their place.” Read via Audible; the author read her own book, which was a bonus for me. Highly Recommended. An excellent read.

Pivot and Pursue It: An Inspirational Intensive to Jumpstart Your Reinvention by Pamela Mitchell

Book 2. Pivot and Pursue It: An Inspirational Intensive to Jumpstart Your Reinvention by Pamela Mitchell. This book was an excellent refresher to remember to pursue your dreams. Often we are in a survivor mode and have taken jobs to focus on what we need. Pamela reminds the reader that there is more to live than survival; we need to thrive and pursue our dreams, even if we need (or strongly desire) to pivot the direction of our current path. The book provides you with the steps to developing a plan to customizing your vision in order to take action. Highly recommended.

Book 3. The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois by Honoree Fanonne Jeffers. This historical fiction book was such a source of peace and intellectual stimulation for me. I read this book via hard copy and audible. Some parts of the book needed to be heard and seen; hence the purchase in two formats, The book is long in terms of pages and hours of reading. The book can be sobering, but overall, the book is a fun, vivid read- activating all of your feelings and senses…

LaQuetta Holyfield Glaze