Book Reviews for April 2023

LaQuetta Holyfield Glaze
4 min readApr 30

I finished two books during the month of April. My schedule was pretty busy this month with new writing requirements and other projects that required my attention. Here’s to hoping that May will be a better trading month. Goodreads told me that I’m one book behind on my goal of 30 books. 😩😂

The first book is called Bet on Black: The Good News About Being Black In America by Ebony K. Williams.

I do not watch reality shows, so when this book was recommended to me, I had a bit of pause. However, I am glad that I finished the book. Eboni lives her life as a black woman committed to centering blackness as her mission and has make great strides to diversify media spaces and pave the way for others. She reminds the readers that black people should not be expected to live less than their worth and that our value to the world is priceless. She discusses the depth, width, and length of Blackness and our unique experiences.

There is love and passion in her words for Black people. She states that “the good news about being Black today is that our community has unprecedented access to an array of tools to honor our Blackness however we see fit, whenever we see fit, wherever we see fit.” Bet on Black is her call to action for Black folks to refresh their minder and provides specific details about her own experience. Excellent book. Very encouraging. Highly recommend.

The second book is The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison- a Nobel Prize winner and esteemed writer. This book is on many banned book lists in the country. However, this book should be explored by young minds as a first lesson in not repeat the ills of racism, caste systems, and misogyny.

The Bluest Eye is a smooth and fantastic read. Ms. Toni integrates a fully array of writing and achieves literal greatness in her storytelling. You learn, you laugh, and you cry as you bemoan the plight of the characters in the book. As the young lady prays and desires the features of others, she has not been…

LaQuetta Holyfield Glaze